Outstanding participation of Andrology Barcelona at the European Congress of Urology

The recent 39th European Congress of Urology, held from April 5th to 8th in the iconic city of Paris, was an internationally renowned event that brought together prominent professionals in the field of urology. Among the distinguished participants were Dr. Lluís Peri and Dr. Juan Manuel Corral, both prominent members of Andrology Barcelona, whose presentations sparked great interest and debate among attendees.

Dr. Lluís Peri, a recognized expert in urology and andrology, had the honor of presenting his lecture on “Multidisciplinary Approach and Surgical Treatment of Vesicopubic Fistulas“, a rare clinical entity but of complex treatment. In his presentation, Dr. Peri emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach involving various specialists to effectively address this medical challenge.

On the other hand, Dr. Juan Manuel Corral, a specialist in andrology and transplantation, participated in the transplant section session of the EAU, where he presented “Male Infertility in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease: What is the Best Treatment?” In this fascinating session, Dr. Corral addressed a crucial issue affecting a specific population of patients with end-stage renal disease.

Additionally, Dr. Lluís Peri stood out again in the same session by addressing the topic of “Treatment of Renal Artery Stenosis after Transplantation.

In summary, the participation of the Andrology Barcelona team, represented by Drs. Lluís Peri and Juan Manuel Corral, at the 39th European Congress of Urology in Paris, was highly distinguished and enriching.

Dr. Luis Peri en el 39 Congreso Europeo de Urología