Urogenital Reconstruction: Innovative Solutions for Urethral Stenosis and Urinary Incontinence in Men

Andrology Barcelona, we specialise in urogenital reconstruction, treating conditions such as urethral stricture and incontinence in men.

What is urogenital reconstructive surgery?

Urogenital reconstructive surgery aims to correct and improve functional problems of the urinary and genital region, including incontinence and urethral alterations. Through tissue manipulation, situations such as incontinence, urethral strictures and urogenital fistulas are addressed.

At Andrology Barcelona, we are dedicated to personalising solutions to improve the quality of life of our patients. Dr. Lluis Peri, urologist in Barcelona, is an expert in reconstructive surgery and urinary incontinence in men.

Imagen de dos urólogos realizando una cirugía reconstructiva.

What are the most common health problems in urogenital reconstruction?

Among the most common conditions commonly addressed by reconstructive surgery are urinary incontinence, fistulas and narrowing of the urethra, known as strictures.

  • Male urinary incontinence: If you find it difficult to manage when and how you pass urine, reconstructive surgery may be an option to strengthen the muscles and tissues in that area, helping you regain control.
  • Narrowing or strictures: If you have difficulty emptying your bladder, this may be due to narrowing or blockage of the urethra. A proper evaluation of the urethra and appropriate treatment will allow you to regain a normal flow of urine.
  • Abnormal connections between organs or urogenital fistulas: Fistulas are unusual connections between organs, and when they occur in the urogenital area, they can greatly affect the patient’s quality of life. By means of an appropriate technique, these comjunctions can be closed, resolving these problems in a minimally invasive way.


At Andrología Barcelona, we carry out an exhaustive assessment of incontinence in men. This situation can affect men at different ages and have different causes.


A stricture is an abnormal narrowing of a duct or passageway in the body, such as the urethra. This narrowing can make it difficult for fluids or substances to flow normally through the affected passageway.


Urogenital fistulas are abnormalities in which an abnormal passageway forms between the urinary system and the genital system. In other words, an unnatural connection is created between the bladder, urethra, or urinary ducts.

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