Urology and Sexology Unit in Barcelona

At AndrologiaBarcelona we have an excellent team of professionals, specialized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, sexual medicine and urogenital reconstruction. Our team of urologists and psychologists will help you find the best solution through a multidisciplinary study. Each individual case is a challenge for us, and the final goal is always to improve the quality of life of our patients.

If you want us to study your case, do not hesitate to contact us. Ask for an appointment!

Urology and Andrology

Dr. Juan Manuel Corral Molina

Andrology and Urology. Male Infertility
Dr. Juan Manuel Corral Molina is graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona and specialist in Urology at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. He is responsible for the Reproductiva Andrology Unit at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
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Our team of urologists and andrologists in Barcelona are highly qualified professionals with a deep knowledge of the urinary and reproductive system and male sexual health in general.

In Urology, we have experts in Oncological Urology, Endourology, Paediatric Urology and Urolithiasis. Therefore, if you experience infections, kidney stones, prostate diseases, urinary incontinence, inguinal hernias, you think you may have urological cancer, or want both to perform and reverse a vasectomy, do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, within the Urology team, our Andrology specialists will be able to help you whether you are having any sexual problems of erection, ejaculation, fertility, sexual desire, or if you are looking to improve your sexual performance in a functional way.

For more specific information or if you have a specific question, at Andrologia Barcelona we have a space for you. In our Andrology and Urology unit, you will find a warm and safe place where you can share your privacy, since everything you tell us will always be confidential.


Our team of sexologists in Barcelona specializes in male sexual health, with an expert approach and extensive experience in cases of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and couple problems.

If you are not sure in which situations it may be necessary to go to the sexologist, at Andrologia Barcelona we can inform and advise you. Any problem in your sex life or partner is important and considering seeing a sexologist or therapist, is always a good option.

Whether you need sexual information, have doubts about your orientation, have suffered abuse, dysfunction, sexual addictions, STIs, even if you are having difficulties conceiving or are considering opening your relationship, we are here to help you.